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Deep is the song that bellows below
In stone and in steel we find our home
Bold is the lightning that flashes above
To the Rift, to the Rift, we go

Stone Rift is a roleplaying game supplement featuring the robust urban landscape of the thunder dwarves, ripe for exploration, intrigue, and discovery.

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  • Discover a brand new playable subrace: the thunder dwarf!
  • Explore Stone Rift with the incredibly detailed cutaway city map.
  • Learn the secrets of the Rift with an illustrated timeline.
  • Find your quest with more than 30 unique adventure hooks!
  • Find danger and intrigue with three unique city landscapes – the Surface, the Upper Sprawl, and the Lower Depths.
  • Create endless puzzles with the Sentinel Gate generator – a new way to challenge your players!
  • Revere the storm with 8 new deities!
  • Pit your adventurers against 11 new and unique monsters and NPCs!
  • Bolster your hoard – 8 new unique items!
  • Start adventuring right now – this book includes a 9-page, ready-to-play adventure module featuring full-color maps from Heroic Maps.

Delve into Stone Rift, the sprawling, electric, canyon city of the industrious thunder dwarves of Erenoth. Harnessing the lightning above, the dwarves light their city and craft unparalleled objects of wonder and danger. Stone Rift is a city of splendor and ingenuity, of bright progress and shadowy secrets. Be it civil conflict above, or monstrous enemies below, the thunder dwarves stand at the dawn of a new age – unyielding.

By the storm above and the stone below, the thunder dwarves of Erenoth persist evermore. Will you delve deeper?


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