So Let it Be Written,
So Let it be Done.
This is Tabletop Terrors.

About Tabletop Terrors

Hi, this is Tim.

Tabletop Terrors started roughly five years ago as a way to make money to pay for a surgery for my daughter Evy’s mouth that we simply couldn’t afford. Her lip was connected at the top, and she was unable to eat properly, and becoming malnourished.

James Kearney and I started with some freelance work (on reddit of all places), and I was able to pay for my daughter’s surgery in full. We continued on, and Tabletop Terrors developed into a YouTube channel. It would then grow to become Tabletop Terrors Publishing, which was the progenitor to Absolute Tabletop, LLC.

Through the Absolute Tabletop Facebook Group, we met an awesome, down-to-earth, kind individual named Jeff Doty. Over time, we realized that not only were we like-minded in many ways, but that Jeff also possessed a unique outlook that rounded out the channel in a way that James and I couldn’t achieve alone. So we formally invited him to be a part of the channel, and began making videos. The chemistry was immediate and undeniable, and we’re only just getting started.

Over the years, we’ve reached tens of thousands of YouTube subscribers, and have gotten attention from some major media outlets, including Geek & Sundry, who featured one of our videos on learning to play D&D.

You can contact us here.

We like to ceremoniously cap things off with what we call the TabTerian Toast. Would you join us?

May you mend the first break.
May you kill the first snake.
And may you conquer everything you undertake.