D&D Improv Tips (Quick + Easy)

Improvisation in D&D can seem like a mystical power that only some people possess… but that isn’t the case. In this video we explain several simple tips that you can use immediately to improve your D&D improv chops.

So who’s this video for? Well, anyone. Whether you’re in improv guru or a complete beginner, we’ve tailored this video to cover solid, meaty topics that can help all skill levels.

Oh, and of course if you have any improv tips we left off, leave a comment on the video (we try to read and reply to all of our comments).

D&D Improv by Tabletop Terrors

Because of the way these tips are presented, this advice is for any version of Dungeons & Dragons, and actually, for any tabletop game in general. (In fact, you can use these improv tips in any part of your life.)

Be sure to catch the deep dive on the same topic where we go into much more detail on our experience with improvisation, and offer more insight and practical, specific examples.

Here is a quick rundown of some of what we talk about, and all of these D&D improv tips are expanded on in the video in full detail.

  • You’re already improving all day, everyday.
  • Improvisation doesn’t mean entirely made up from scratch.
  • Have some elements prepared, and improv how you use them.
  • Essentially all parts of tabletop games include some improv, so don’t worry.
  • It’s okay to throw an idea out there and workshop it together, letting it change.
  • Reskin existing things, and in different context people won’t recognize them.
  • Turn it back on the players: ask a question that turns the focus on them.

And of course, if you have any questions or comments, shoot us an email.

Anyone can better at improv, especially in tabletop rpgs.